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Our organic wines pair innovation and tradition

Respect,  to the soil

We grow our vines and fields with the greatest combination of climate, soil composition, and organic matter. It is the product of more than 30 years of organic agriculture

Respect,  to the cycle of life

We take from the earth, what the earth can provide. We do not overexploit our soil, and we give back as much as it is possible in order to not break the biological cycle.

Respect,  to our history

We are sons of the Mediterranean sea, sons of Greeks and Romans, who pioneered the art of winemaking. We use the traditional methods, and we combine them with the latest technology.

Respect,  to nature

We care for our environment. In return, we get the best of it, and we keep the equilibrium of our vineyards.


A classic image that reflects our winery, our vineyards, our identity: We present, our more personal wines. We craft them, really trying to make something special, with the best selection of Rioja grapes.
A full brand, with whites, reds, rossés, youngs and aged wines. A wine for every moment, and every event.
With a modern and colorful image, we present our most casual wines. A set of wines with no baggage, to be enjoyed alone or with company. The name “paisajes embotellados” (Bottled landscapes) comes from the desire to reflect what we do, put our environment, our landscape in a bottle.
Ingenio, is in Spanish, ingenious, this is, the innate quality to invent, to create, to be original. Under this name, we present our most inventive wines. Natural, creative and of limited production.
We are committed to our environment and sustainable development in everything we do. We are looking for a CO2 reduction, that is why we make Viña Urubi, in the most eco-friendly way possible. We use EVOH plastic that allows us to reduce our CO2 footprint and waste.