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Ecology and health

It is said that organic wine is the potentiation of terroir, and we look for that in our wines, the maximum expression of our personality, the uniqueness of our fields.

We apply agroecology, through observation and work, to obtain the best that nature gives us. We take care of the environment and promote biodiversity.

When we talk about organic farming, we talk about a production system that aims to obtain food of optimum quality, free of residues and minimizing the human impact on the environment, without using pesticides or herbicides, so that we promote the welfare of farms.


When we talk about biodynamics, we talk about a more holistic approach, where each part of the ecosystem contributes with its essence and everything is interrelated. It is based on ecology, but with strict requirements and more restrictive regulations.

Biodynamic agriculture is based on the idea of ​​the field as an organism-farm where everything is related. Always with the aim of strengthening the entire ecosystem, promoting and favoring the best conditions to achieve a balance that allows us to harvest high quality grapes without residues.

All our production is certified by Organic Agriculture and International Demeter. It is our way of demonstrating and certifying our work.


“Mira profundamente en la naturaleza, entonces comprenderás todo mejor”

– Albert Einstein

“Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything”